Sunday, February 21, 2010

music: labi siffre - i got the blues

i really really love the intro to this song, along
with the vocal and in true 70s fashion the song completely
changes at around the 2 minute mark where you can hear the
sample dre used when producing eminems - my name is
check this out after listening to the original

new & improved... sorta

so um.... decided to head in a new direction with the blog

rather than just some odd ramblings here and there about stuff
i thought i should write about things i'm interested in

i think the main focus is going to be music, i really like music

mostly old music, not that old, but give me some good funk or soul
and i'm a happy man
one thing that i've really noticed whilst listening to all this great
old music is that music producers these days are a bunch of lazy fucks
i have so much house & hip-hop music that really rips off all this not
so mainstream music from the 60s & 70s

so with the help of youtube i've decided to highlight some of my favourite
old songs and that have had beats/grooves/melodies/lyrics stolen/borrowed

first post should be coming tonight...